Improved TagoIO Mobile Apps



TagoIO mobile app functions and concept were created 7 years ago when we didn’t have the TagoRUN. After collecting feedback from customers and partners, we decided to rework our TagoIO Mobile app to get it more oriented toward SW developers and Managers.

Intended Outcome

The redesigned TagoIO mobile app will include:

  1. separated and better designs for iOS and Android
  2. features to allow resource allocations into different profiles
  3. easier way to switch profiles inside the account
  4. better push notification system to alert users when more resources are needed

How will it work?

Users will be able to download the new mobile app from AppStore and GooglePlay, link to their account, and see all the dashboards from themselves or from their customers. They will receive push notifications when they need to increase the limit of the services and will be able to allocate them to any profile. All to help software developers and application managers to easily monitor all their IoT Applications in one place.


Fabio Rosa 30 March 2024, 15:36

The new TagoIO Mobile App for iOS and Android has been released. More about the new functionalities included can be found here: