ISO 27001 ISMS Certification



Currently, TagoIO already follow several internal processes to improve the information security by regularly running back-ups, encrypting files, applying access control, and other best practices of the industry. We will then pursue the certification of ISO/IEC 27001 that is an international standard to manage information security to make it official.

Intended Outcome

Obtain and maintain the ISO/IEC 27001 certification by complying with the process and focusing on the continuous improvement regards to security.


Fabio Rosa 9 October 2023, 13:36

TagoIO completed the assessment from auditor and we passed! You can find our ISO27001 certificate and more information here

Fabio Rosa 27 April 2023, 23:56

We just had our first pre-assessment this week with a Certification company. We set up our official Phase 1 and Phase 2 audit for Aug,2023!

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