Improved visibility conditions for dashboard tabs



Today, the dashboard tabs' visibility conditions are only applicable according to user tags, which by itself is very powerful but doesn’t cover all use cases.

Some dashboards should present different tabs and different widgets according to the selected Blueprint Devices to make it even more robust.

Intended Outcome

Better usability for end users with certain tabs and widgets being accessible only when certain Blueprint Devices are selected.

How will it work?

Developers will be able to customize the dashboard tabs' visibility conditions not only according to the users' tags, but by the tags from the currently selected Blueprint Devices as well.

With this functionality, it will be possible for certain widgets to be only accessible by the end users when some Blueprint Devices are selected. Since the Blueprint Devices can already be filtered by Access Management policies, pairing policies with visibility conditions ensures that some tabs are only accessible by the end user when they have access to the devices.