TagoIO Secrets to store keys



Our team noticed that some customers need to add Keys from 3rd party services in their applications. If we had a system that could manage these keys, passwords, and any other values that should be kept secret.

Intended Outcome

We will create a new section/page inside the Admin called ‘TagoIO Secrets' or something like that, so that user can add their reference and keys that. The keys will be encrypted. No one will be able to see the value of the keys again after they are input in the system.

How will it work?

Users access the TagoIO Secrets section, input the key and add a reference text to it so that they can use it later. Users can use the keys inside the Analysis, Actions, or other places. The value of the keys will never be visible, not even for the account owner.

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Fabio Rosa 30 March 2024, 16:00

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