Improved Access Management (IAM) for the Analysis function



Currently, when a script that runs in the Analysis needs to access Devices the developer needs to add the token of that specific Device or needs to add the Account token in order enable access to any device. We want to remove the need of adding tokens (Device or Account tokens) into the Environment Variable tab, so that we keep it simpler to more secure to manage scripts.

Intended Outcome

Developers will have better control over each Devices can be accessed by specific Analysis, no longer necessary to share Account-Tokens (more secure). The logic to grant access to a Device will be similar to that for Dashboards and End-users that are already available under Access option.

How will it work?

Developer will determine that type of access that each Analysis can have for one Device, All devices, or a group of Devices (grouped by Tags).

We expect that this release will not be a breaking change - the current method of use tokens should continue to work.