Individual control of the maximum Input/Output per Device - Control Tower



Currently, the limit of data input and output are counted against one Profile. This means that there is no control (limit) of how many data input or output one specific device can use in a specific period - the limit is for the whole group of devices in that Profile. In order to avoid problem with the whole Profile in case that there is a ‘crazy device’ (a device that for any reasons starts to send too much data too often) it will be good to specify the maximum allowed for each device.

Intended Outcome

The number of transactions of Devices can be customized at specific levels to avoid blocking the whole profile when it goes out of the expected range of operation. Due to the processing cost to track the transactions from each devices, the system may take minutes before blocking a specific device - the challenge is to implement a solution that verifies each transaction without increase costs.

How will it work?

Developers will be able to define a limit of Data Input and Data Outputs for the Device level. By default, the limit of the Profile will be applied for the device. It will be up to the developer to reduce it to a lower level. When the device reaches its new limits, no data will be accepted/sent until the billing cycle is reset.